Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows ceremonies are a very special way to celebrate your time together as a couple; it can represent where you started from, to where and who you are now.

If it’s a one year milestone or a sixty year milestone or any in-between, a chance to renew your wedding vows either in private or in front of your family and friends signifies a moment to be treasured and celebrated. Total commitment between two people can be a rarity in today’s society, and any longevity is truly worth celebrating with a special occasion. You may have been married overseas and now is your opportunity to share your moment with your nearest and dearest; or, as the years grow in number with your partner, so has your love. I always make a statement that the older you get, the better it gets… when I refer to my own marriage. The depth of love you feel for your soul mate gains a momentum as the years flow by and this feeling, or depth of commitment is worth creating an occasion for celebration.

Let me help you craft a memorable ceremony that you can treasure in your hearts forever.